Recent/ongoing work (7/15/2024)

Now I can start getting serious.
  1. NHB Entrances page • development version here
  2. NHB Stairwells page • development version here
  3. NEWS test page for stairwells
  4. Other: Smoke graphic; 7-day NHC tropical outlook
  5. CliMAS Events calendar is now stored on Rush. QR code for it at top-right corner of the .png image at this address.
  6. 3rd-floor Mini-display wall is under development.

Older updates...

  1. Tropical outlook (2D)
  2. Gulf of Mexico imagery for tropical use
  3. Webcams
  4. Half-disk imagery
  5. NWS Lincoln weather story imagery
  6. Midwest geocolor, IR, water vapor imagery
  7. Scripts for sfc weather maps (J. Frame) - testing

  8. U.S. WPC forecasts for 3rd floor miniwall
  9. U.S. radar imagery
  10. U.S. NWS surface obs
  11. U.S. (CONUS) geocolor, infrared, water vapor satellite images
  12. Real-time forecasts from WRF forecasts run in the department are being posted here in parallel to the usual server.
Yet to be done: retrieval / generation of following, some of which already works on the Mac -
  1. Current NHB/campus weather data
  2. Surface maps w/J. Frames' obs maps.
  3. UI Atmos radar composites for our area
  4. Watch/warning info from NOAA/SPC
  5. Smoke forecast graphics from Environment Canada
  6. Web pages for NHB entrances, stairwells, and the 3rd floor miniwall.
  7. Thredds data server and/or other resources for class or community use.
  8. Mobile device access to most of the above, formatted / presented appropriately.
  9. Custom obs / forecasts retrieved or pushed to devices.

Latest products

Today Time Local Sky Vis Weather Temp Dewpt RH Alt Wind (mph) Gust


US Geocolor

US Infrared

US Water Vapor

Midwest Geocolor

Midwest Infrared

Midwest Water Vapor

Gulf Geocolor/Ltg

Gulf Infrared

Gulf Water Vapor


NHB Entrance


3rd-floor Miniwall

NHB Stairwells

Undergrad lab


Tacoma WA

Chicago GLERL

St. Louis, MO