Recent/ongoing work (6/18/2024)

Now I can start getting serious.
  1. NHB Entrances page • development version here
  2. NHB Stairwells page • development version here
  3. NEWS test page for stairwells
  4. CliMAS Events calendar is now stored on Rush. QR code for it at top-right corner of the .png image at this address.
  5. 3rd-floor Mini-display wall is under development.

Older updates...

  1. Tropical outlook (2D)
  2. Gulf of Mexico imagery for tropical use
  3. Webcams
  4. Half-disk imagery
  5. NWS Lincoln weather story imagery
  6. Midwest geocolor, IR, water vapor imagery
  7. Scripts for sfc weather maps (J. Frame) - testing

  8. U.S. WPC forecasts for 3rd floor miniwall
  9. U.S. radar imagery
  10. U.S. NWS surface obs
  11. U.S. (CONUS) geocolor, infrared, water vapor satellite images
  12. Real-time forecasts from WRF forecasts run in the department are being posted here in parallel to the usual server.
Yet to be done: retrieval / generation of following, some of which already works on the Mac -
  1. Current NHB/campus weather data
  2. Surface maps w/J. Frames' obs maps.
  3. UI Atmos radar composites for our area
  4. Watch/warning info from NOAA/SPC
  5. Smoke forecast graphics from Environment Canada
  6. Web pages for NHB entrances, stairwells, and the 3rd floor miniwall.
  7. Thredds data server and/or other resources for class or community use.
  8. Mobile device access to most of the above, formatted / presented appropriately.
  9. Custom obs / forecasts retrieved or pushed to devices.

Latest products

Today Time Local Sky Vis Weather Temp Dewpt RH Alt Wind (mph) Gust
Tuesday, Jun 25 2053 9:04 PM clear below 12k ft 10 89.1 / 31.7 64.0 43% 1014 calm


US Geocolor

US Infrared

US Water Vapor

Midwest Geocolor

Midwest Infrared

Midwest Water Vapor

Gulf Geocolor/Ltg

Gulf Infrared

Gulf Water Vapor


NHB Entrance


3rd-floor Miniwall

NHB Stairwells

Undergrad lab


Tacoma WA

Chicago GLERL

St. Louis, MO